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Introducing GB Learning Platform (E-School)

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checked-radio-button--v2Mental Arithmetic Online Learning Platform (E-School)

The Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic Online Learning Platform (E-School) is the premier platform for enjoyable and stimulating mental arithmetic classes.
Led by experienced teachers utilizing the proven AMARC Teaching Method, our interactive curriculum fosters numerical thinking and calculation skills in children aged 5-13.
Our flexible and personalized courses enhance math abilities and cultivate effective learning habits.

checked-radio-button--v2Why Choose Multimedia Teaching with AMARC for Abacus Mental Arithmetic?

Golden Brain AMARC Teaching Method integrates multimedia teaching to enhance abacus mental arithmetic classes. This innovative approach brings abstract concepts to life, expanding perspectives, stimulating creativity, and improving critical thinking. By blending traditional and modern techniques, AMARC delivers exceptional results, engaging students in dynamic learning. Multimedia elements like sound, light, shade, and speed optimize concentration and foster self-learning habits.
Multimedia teaching offers advantages for mastering abacus mental arithmetic. Interactive platforms provide practice and immediate feedback, promoting engagement and self-paced learning. Visualizing abacus operations through multimedia aids comprehension and memory retention. AMARC incorporates multimedia platforms with diverse resources for tailored education. Students access exercises, tutorials, and personalized practice, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

checked-radio-button--v2GB Learning Platform Features

Discover key features differentiating GB Learning Platforms, maximizing learning outcomes and transforming student learning and parent engagement in mental arithmetic education with our innovative online solution.

  • 1. Interactive Assignments and Assessments:
    Students receive and submit assignments online, with teachers providing timely feedback. This helps students understand their progress and identify areas for improvement, ensuring a continuous learning cycle.
  • 2. Experienced Live Teaching Team:
    Our platform boasts a skilled teaching team that delivers live, interactive sessions. These sessions offer professional guidance and support, fostering a collaborative learning environment where students engage in discussions, share opinions, and solve problems.
  • 3. Personalized Learning Plans:
    Customized learning plans are tailored to each student’s needs and abilities. This personalized approach allows students to follow learning paths that match their styles and goals, ensuring they remain motivated and achieve their potential.
  • 4. Real-Time Progress Tracking and Feedback:
    The platform monitors students' progress, completion status, and grades, providing timely feedback and assessments. By analyzing learning data, students gain insights into their performance and can make necessary adjustments to improve.
  • 5. Active Parent Engagement and Monitoring:
    Parents are regularly updated on their child's progress and grades. This communication enables parents to support and assist their child's learning journey actively, fostering a strong home-school connection.
  • 6. Flexible Learning Time and Location:
    Students can choose their learning schedules and locations, making it convenient to learn anytime, anywhere. This flexibility enhances learning efficiency and fits education into busy family lifestyles.

filled-starLive Class Teacher Console

Live Class Teacher Console

filled-starHomework Assignment System

Homework Assignment System

filled-starCourse Performance Tracking

Course Performance Tracking

filled-starLearning Records and Analysis

Learning Records and Analysis

filled-starReview and Preparatory System

Review and Preparatory System

filled-starPractice & Examination System

Practice and Examination System

By leveraging these features, the GB Learning Platform maximizes learning outcomes and provides a supportive, engaging educational experience tailored to each student's needs.

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